Buongiorno Vic-Commando, iniziamo con il piede giusto, stiamo andando forte come Gruppo e per quel che riguarda il mondo Vic20 tutto sembra girare nel verso giusto. Altri giochi stanno uscendo, e molti sono in pentola. Ieri è uscito Wormhole, vi lascio le info direttamente dallo sviluppatore.
Buona lettura.

Title: Wormhole
Platform: 8k expanded Commodore VIC-20
Interface: Joystick only
Game type: Arcade
Written by: W E de Villiers
Copyright: 2022 eXimietas Software
The story: You are an intergalactic pilot transporting passengers across thousands of light-years of space to trading stations on the edge of the known universe. You have to avoid planetoids, small moons and satellites as you navigate towards each wormhole. To get to a trading station you need to make multiple routing wormhole jumps. Close to many wormholes are teleportation stations which can transport passengers from nearby ships and moons to the station. So when there is a station near a wormhole you need to dock your ship, teleport and pick up the passengers before continuing on your journey.
But there is also a problem – there are hostile aliens that will also try to take over the teleportation station. You can shunt these hostiles back to their original location in under a second, but “teleshunting” may be very hazardous to a teleportee’s wellbeing to say the least. So you need to make sure that you only shunt back hostiles and not friendly ticket paying passengers.

  • left and right to control the ship
  • up and down to control a teleporter and the fire button to engage the teleshunt
    for disk use: load ““,8,1 for tape use: load ““,1,1
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