My second small contribution for the Winter Gamedev Compo 2020.
My version of the game “FALL” for the VIC20 !!!!!

A game for Commodore VIC20 (PAL/NTSC) with 8KB memory expansion

Created for THEC64 Winter Game Dev Competition 2020

(c) 2020 Digital Monastery  (Hokuto*Force Game Developing Division)

Programming, graphics and sound by Eric Hilaire aka Majikeyric

The game

Fall is a pacey reaction game. two players are moving quickly downwards and must avoid the deadly rotating blades that appear below them by switching to the opposing wall.

Good luck!


Use keyboard, pressing ‘Z’ or ‘N’ to make stickmen jump and ‘SPACE’ to start or Use THEC64 joystick. A CJM file is provided for users of THEC64 systems (THEC64 maxi, THEC64 mini and THEVIC20). 

Z is mapped to BUTTON_LEFT

N is mapped to BUTTON_RIGHT


Eric Majikeyric

Gioca on line qui

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