Buongiorno gruppo, altra anticipazione; sta per uscire (spero) un gioco per Vic20 inespanso, un clone di IK+.Si avete capito bene, un clone di IK+.

Sotto vi riporto le info realizzate proprio dai programmatori del gioco.

Marco Bergomi

Quest’annus horribilis ci ha lasciato qualche cosa di buono, almeno per il nostro Vic20. Le premesse sono buone, spero solo che lo sviluppatore vada avanti ed arrivi in fondo. Speriamo.

A voi le info:A

n IK+ style karate game with tiny simple stickmen for an unexpanded vic-20. written in assembly language.the idea to this game comes to me in the early 90th but i had no idea how to design and animate the 8×8 charaters.i found a member at who helped me to design all the animations.

graficsthe player sprites are finished.sprite overlap is working fine and this overlapping technique is also the reason why the grafics are only monochrome.wip – the backgroundsto do – the rest of the game like decoration for scores, …to do – start screen, etc.sound / musici’ve implemented sound for the movement and 2 or 3 attacks.the plan is to have an asian-style intro music (only some tacts) but i am not able to compose it.

all in all i am not happy with sound and the non-existing music. my sound routine is quite simple and not capable to play music.i am open for a collaboration if someone wants to take part.

otherwise the music will be canceled and the sound is only moderate.

gameplayplayer 1 can do all movements, attacks, jumps,…computer opponent does nothing intelligent, only random actions. the challenge is how to design the ai and how to increase the skills level by level.if there are enough bytes left at the end, i will implement a 2-player-mode.statusthere is a lot work left for this project. i would estimate the stage of completion is somewhere at 20-30 % or so.lets see what will happen next. my work on it sumbled in the last 2 months.

to many other things to do.for the moment i’m not really motivated to continue the game (33°C / 92°F here).


Vi lascio un link per vedere a che punto è con lo sviluppo

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