Super Monza Grand Prix

Buongiorno Vic-Commando: che periodo, che periodo!!!
Tre bombe in pochi giorni, gli ultimi giochi poi…delle mine incredibili!!!
Un bel gioco di auto che porta il nome di Monza Grand Prix, veramente ottimo.
Ci vogliono 16k per poterci giocare, vi lascio il link dove trovarlo e scaricarlo:
Lì troverete tutte le info necessarie per giocarci al meglio.
Non aggiungo altro, è da scaricare e provare assolutamente, divertimento assicurato!!!
Buon divertimento
P.S. Vi lascio due note dello sviluppatore

Super Monza Grand Prix

  • This game is for the VIC 20 with at least a 16K expansion.
  • It will run on either a PAL or NTSC system.


  • Complete 5 laps of the Monza circuit.
  • Race for position or race against the clock.

Game Mode

  • Push left or right on the title page to select the game mode.
  • “Race for position” mode starts you in 16th position. Try and win the race. Watch out for backmarkers once you get futher in the race.
  • “Race against the clock” mode offers a more frantic race right from the start. Try and get to the next lap before the time runs out. The game will end if you run out of time or if you manage to complete 5 laps. Points are awarded for time remaining and number of cars passed.


  • The car is controlled by joystick only.
  • Push left or right to steer.
  • Hold down the fire button to accelerate.
  • Move down to brake.
  • Tapping Restore quits the current game.


  • Play the “Race for position” mode to start with. The traffic is light for the first lap, which will help you learn the track and get used to the controls.
  • Try not to crash in to cars. This will cost you time. Feather the throttle to loiter behind other cars and overtake when you have a clear path.
  • If you hit a car in “Race for position” mode then try and stay to one side of the track until you get back to maximum speed. If you weave around then you risk hitting an opponent if they try and overtake you.


  • All GFX, SFX and code copyright 2022 by Andrew Layden.


– I can be reached at

Thanks for playing.

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