Time Machine? Or VIC-20 24KB RAM 7 Cartridge Expander?

Possibly the strangest computer peripheral I’ve ever owned, it’s a hand-made RAM and cartridge expander for the Commodore VIC-20. Or a time machine.

Links: Chuck Hutchins: Copying a VIC-20 cartridge: https://youtu.be/_ZEUOUz1X2k
Realms of Quest V (32K game): https://youtu.be/PUsYNwISNNs

Credits music by: https://bedfordlevelexperiment.bandca…
0:00 Time Machine?
2:50 Trying the RAM Expander
4:45 Telengard: A 24K game
7:01 Cartridge Expander: Omega Race & Atlantis
9:39 RAM Expander on the RAM Expander?
11:19 A Look Inside
14:04 Thanks!

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