A Beginner’s Guide to Real Programming Discover Your VIC-20

Like all computers, your VIC-20 processes information: it receives information as input, does something with it, and sends the result out again as output. The VIC can process large amounts of data with great speed, but for all if its power it is something of a brute: you must tell it what to do and how to do it. You must feed in not only the informa tion you want processed (data) but the instructions for processing it (programs).

This book will teach you how to program your VIC-20; how to give the VIC the information it needs (data and programs) to per form your tasks.
Most of this book will be devoted to writing programs in the BASIC programming language. First, however, you need a guided tour around the VIC keyboard. Please be patient with these fundamentals; you will be a more comfortable VIC programmer if you know the keyboard well.

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