Programmer’s Reference Guide

Here you have the complete VIC 20 Programmer’s Reference Guide. I wanted to
have this book as an etext, but couldn’t find more than a few sections on
the Internet. That is why I typed it in myself. I have (of course) used the
sections that already were available, but I proofread them and changed the
layout to match the rest of the book. The 6502 instruction set description
was taken from the C64PrgRefGuide etext, because it with only a few
modifications were identical with the one in this book.

Sections not typed by me:

  • Working With Graphics p.82-94 (unknown)
  • Sound and Music p.95-106 (unknown)
  • 6502 instructions p.140-167 (from C64PrgRefGuide.txt, Ville Muikkula, or
  • Memory map p.170-181 (Sam Laur,, posted to comp.sys.cbm,
    1. March 1994)
  • 6522 Versatile Interface Adapter p.218-226 (unknown)

Centered and right-justified text assumes a line-width of 75. Some lines are
longer than that because I wanted to keep the lines the same as the
original book (not true everywhere). I have not bothered to make the pages
the same length.

Some special signs and comments:
~ means new page
{sign} are placed where a non-ASCII sign should be present
^ are placed where an up-arrow should be present
<- are placed where a left-arrow should be present
{key} are placed where a picture of that special key should be present
{sym} are placed where a VIC graphics character should be present
{picture missing} are placed where there should be a picture

This text is hand-typed, so there are probably some errors in it. If you
find some, please report them to me so I can correct them. That includes
errors in the original book.

You should read this text using a non-proportional font.

An all-purpose reference guide for first-time computerists as well as experienced programmers! – Scarica qui il pdf

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