High-quality programs and easy-to-understand articles brought COMPUTERS First Book of VIC to the top of computer book best seller lists all over the country. Now COMPUTE!fs Second Book of VIC offers even more to VIC users: programming techniques, useful software, computer utilities, and lots of useful information.
And everything here is up to COMPUTE!”s well-known standards.
VIC users at every level of experience will find something useful.
If you use your VIC just for fun, there are six games, includ ing the all-machine-language “Snake.”
If you want to explore ways to get input for your programs, there are articles on programming with the function keys and joy sticks, and a utility for redefining the VIC keyboard.
If you need sophisticated sound effects or music in your pro grams, or want to create dazzling graphics, the tools and tech niques you need are here.
More advanced programmers will especially appreciate the VIC memory maps, which identify practically every location used by the VIC operating system.
And that’s just the beginning.
Of the articles that originally appeared in COMPUTE! Maga zine and COMPUTE!^ Gazette for Commodore, many have been since enhanced. Many other articles, however, are appearing here for the first time anywhere.

qui il libro

Download all programs from this book on one disk:

Compute VIC2.d64

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