Highly addictive shoot-’em-up for unexpanded Commodore VIC-20s or for machines with +3/8/16K additional RAM. Will play faster with extra memory.

Features smooth horizontal scrolling, 16 sprites, boosted digital audio and playing digital audio from tape before start.

Includes TAP files for (datassette) emulators, WAV files for recording tapes and disk/sd2iec versions. All for both PAL and NTSC.

With the purchase of this game you support development of new titles as well as founding a new retro tape distributor.

“…the game is truly amazing on any platform, but is a work of art on the VIC.” (Commodore Free #80, rating: 10/10)

“Of course graphics and sound and other things have a huge impact on this but the most important thing is the unforgettable atmosphere which you will experience when playing ‘Pulse’,” (K&A plus #3, game play rating: 9/10)

“And all this on an unexpanded VIC-20. A miracle.” (Commodore & Amiga games #9)

Game: Sven Michael “pixel” Klose

Title graphics: Bryan “darkatx” Henry

Title tune: “No Syrup” by Anders “boray” Persson (http://boray.se)

Hiscore table tune: Lukas Ramolla

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2 commenti su “Pulse

  1. Armando Rispondi

    Questo gioco ha di notevole il fatto che premendo il tasto Fuoco per
    iniziare o riprendere il gioco Vien pronunciato in modo perfetto”Get Ready”
    Come descritto nelle istruzioni solo nella versione 16k .
    Uso di fonemi senza scheda ??
    Eccezionale….secondo me…..
    Come hanno fatto ??

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