ULTiMEM VIC-20 Memory Expansion Cartridge

FLASH-ROM da 8 megabyte e cartuccia di espansione RAM configurabile da 1 megabyte

Dal sito web: store.go4retro.com – We know you take pride in the magic you make in the VIC-20’s 3.5kB of RAM.  In public, you scoff at those pesky Commodore 64s with their RAM Expansion Units and the gratuitous way they waste all those kilobytes of RAM.  Still, we feel deep down you have a bit of RAM envy.  Don’t worry, we won’t tell.  We also suspect you’ve considered plunking down some hard earned discrtionary cash for one of those “Super” or “Mega” cartridges for the VIC, but you’ve continued to hesitate because the list of games does include your favorite, or they don’t organize them in the way you’d prefer. If so, we’d ask that you consider the RETRO Innovations UltiMem Expansion Cartridge.  It serves up memory, and it serves it up your way:

  • 8 (eight) megabytes of VIC-20 programmable FLASH ROM storage.  Yes, now you control what is on the cartridge, and where it is located!
  • 1 (one) megabyte of yummy RAM storage.  Take that, wimpy Commodore RAM Expansion Units!
  • A myriad of configuration options, to suit your tastes
    • You want ROM at $2000 and RAM at $8000.  Done
    • You desire RAM expansion to be read only after you store your favorite data. We’re happy to help!
    • You’re insane and want the same chunk of RAM or ROM to show up in multiple locations in the VIC-20 memory map. Not a problem!
    • You must have RAM or ROM at IO2 or IO3.  C’mon, give us something hard!

 We doubt we can make you love your Commodore VIC-20 more, but we will give you some new ways to enjoy it.  Grab an UltiMem today!  And, if someone accuses you of “RAM envy”, just note that you bought this unit for the FLASH ROM capabilities.  Your secret will be safe.

Note: Unit is sold without an enclosure.  We’re working on a source for enclosures, but until then, snag a shell from an old RADAR RAT RACE or SPEED MATH.

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