Istant activities for your Commodore

lnstant Activities tor your Commodore is part of an eight book “Growing Up with Computers”™ series.
This beginning programming book for children ages 9 and up introduces computer programming in
BASIC. No prior experience with the computer is necessary tor either the child or the supervising adult.
A carefully tested step-by-step introduction to the computer by Herbie, a very friendly computer
character, unravels the mysteries of programming with humorous stories, delightful drawings, and easyto-
follow programs. Herbie first acquaints the new user with the keyboard and its special keys. The back
cover helps the child by being a reminder of proper keyboard fingering position.
Herbie takes the new programmar fora ride in a rocket ship, and in a balloon. Herbie then teaches how to
add a blast-off program prior to take-off, and how to add color. Through a sequenced activity-book style
of presentation, the new programmers are soon writing their own count-downs and take-offs in balloons
and ships of their own design.

Herbie introduces the child to a magician with a bag of tricks, and soon children can write their own
magie number guessing games. Silly “mad-libs” will keep your child laughing and eager to do more
programming. A colorful center-fold poster emphasizes that computers and computer programming are
used in many diverse professions. The longer programs will open vistas of programming possibilities tor
more experienced users. The beginning user will enjoy copying and running these programs.
lnstant Activities tor your Commodore is the perfect primer tor young programmers. Children should be
encouraged to go page-by-page in order to absorb the concepts presented. What the program does, and
what is seen on the screen is detailed in each activity. Do not worry about getting stuck as the Quick
Reference Guide in the back of the book rescues any seeming emergency. At the conclusion the child
will proudly display a well-earned “Perfect Programmar” award. Even if the child’s programming is not
exactly perfect, we will know he or she had a perfectly wonderful time trying, thanks to Herbie.

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