Buongiorno Vic-Commando: oggi un gioco alla Trivial Pursuit, ma la difficoltà maggiore sta nel fatto che è tutto in inglese, quindi bisogna rispondere in lingua inglese…ovviamente.
Non mi dilungo, tanto avete già capito di cosa si tratta. Interessante nel pacchetto c’è anche il modulo per generare le domande. Molto interessante, un bel pacchetto, ve lo consiglio. Serve la 8k RAM per poterlo usare, merita!!
Buon divertimento.

Mastermind Question Composer:

This is a utility to create new questions for the Ivan Berg ‘Mastermind (Disk Edition)’ program.

Each category can contain up to 60 questions. (All the original data files have 60 questions, so I have adhered to the same format).

You can load and review/edit the existing files provided with the game or create your own.
You can add to loaded files that have less than 60 questions by selecting ‘Create’ from the menu.

The ‘Mastermind’ program loads the ‘General Knowledge’ questions as a random file of ‘General x’ from the disk. There are 5 already on the game disk, so if you want to create some more general knowledge questions to put on the disk, you must name them ‘general 6’, ‘general 7’ etc. Keep them numbered sequentially as the program counts how many files there are beginning with ‘gen’ and loads one of them by providing a filename of ‘general’ plus a random number derived from the count.

Editing is very basic.
The question is displayed first. Delete back to where you want to edit from, then type the rest of the question and press ‘return’ when finished. You are left to format the lines yourself, ie: pad them out with spaces. Cursor movements are recorded as new characters and will mess things up!
If you don’t want to edit the question, just press ‘return’.
The answer is displayed and is edited/not edited in the same way.

When you select ‘Directory’ or ‘Load’ from the menu, the 1st file on the disk is hidden. This is because most of the time you will have the program as the first file with the data files following. If, however, you have a separate data disk, there is the option of showing the 1st file by pressing ‘F1’.

(C) Kevin Potts – September 2013

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