More than 32 Basic Programs for the VIC 20

You have bought yourself a Commodore VIC-20 computer (or maybe you just have access to one at school or work). You will soon find that the most frequent question you are asked goes something like this: “Oh, you got a computer, eh?
Uh … what are you going to do with it?”
Your answer, of course, depends on your own particular situation. Maybe you got it for mathematical work, or for your business, or for home usage, or to enable you to learn more about computers.

Maybe you got it for a teaching/learning tool or for playing games.
Even if you got the computer specifically for only one of these reasons, you should not neglect the others. The computer is such a powerful tool that it can be used in many different ways. If it is not being used for its “intended” function right now, why not make use of it in some other way?

The VIC is so small and portable that you can, say, take it home from work over the weekend and let the kids play educational games. They will have fun and learn a lot. After they go to bed, you can use it to help plan your personal finances. Or, you can let your guests at a party try to outsmart the computer (or each other) at some fascinating games. The possibilities go on and on.
All these things can be done with the VIC, but it cannot do any of them without the key ingredient – a computer program. People with little or no exposure to computers may be in for a surprise when they learn this. A computer without a program is like a car without a driver. It just sits there.

Ecco il programma della serie “Vic Puzzle” “tachistoscope”
Tratto dal libro “more than 32——–” pag117.
Istruzioni a video. Tradotto e adattato……
Provate la vostra abilita’ visiva. Le frasi inserite sono nei ” Data “.
Si possono cambiare o aggiungere.
Armando Pavese

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