VIC-STAT Cartridge

La cartuccia Vic-Stat è una cartuccia orientata alle statistiche e alla grafica prodotta da Datatronic, Svezia.
La demo sulla cartuccia è stata scritta utilizzando la sintassi BASIC estesa fornita dalla cartuccia.

La cartuccia è stata annunciata dalla rivista: COMPUTE! ISSUE 34 / MARCH 1983 / PAGE 251

New Products For Commodore Computers

Computer Marketing has released several new products for Commodore computers. Calc Result is a three-dimensional spread-sheet program for the CBM 8032/8096 and Commodore 64. It provides a minimum of 32 pages of 63 x 254 cells, graphics (histograms) on screen and printer, the capability to view as many as three spread-sheets at one time through a window and split screen, and help functions online.

VIC/64 Switch connects up to eight VICs or 64’s to share disks and printers. VIC-Relay Cartridge simplifies control of electrical equipment; contains six relays and two optocouplers. VIC-Graf Cartridge is an aid for studying complicated equations and functions by their graphs.

VIC-Stat Cartridge is a programmable cartridge consisting of assembler codes to simplify work with statistics and graphics, adding 15 commands to BASIC. VIC-FORTH Cartridge is a powerful operating system and programming language suitable for various applications in business and process control.

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